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The Chow Chick is simply I, Jennifer.  One word that is frequently used to describe me both personally and professionally is passionate.  Passion is what drives me in all areas of my life.  I am especially passionate about food!

Looking back on my life, I realize it has always been about food.  As a child, if I didn’t love the food, I would tend to play with it.  But, I always LOVED dessert (even if it was as simple as ice cream). So, since I took soooo long to finish my dinner, my mom set a timer. If I did not finish my dinner by the time the timer’s alarm sounded off, I would not get dessert. You know, there was no way I was missing dessert, so I always managed to finish just in time.  By the time I reached junior high school I discovered a passion for simple baking. I loved to bake for friends and loved ones.  It started to be a tradition in junior high (and to this day) for me to bake holiday gifts.  I became known for baking, and a few items that I baked back then, I still bake today.  My first “real” job after college had me working at a law firm.  While there, I got reprimanded, “are you working or just running around passing out brownies?!”  Yep, that was me!  I would often bake for fun, then bring it in to the office to share with my friends.  I love to bake and share it with everyone, and I sure can’t eat it all myself. As much as I love what I bake (I will rarely ever bake something if it is not something I love), I prefer to give it away.

More recently, after traveling across the country on business trips and sharing pictures of my amazing eats with friends on Facebook, I was repeatedly encouraged to start a food blog.  Feeling overwhelmed by the task of where to start, I was encouraged to start with Instagram.  After less than a year on Instagram, here I am. I hope you enjoy following me as I play catch up to share with you so much from the last couple years, and moving forward.

Because my passion is a bit diverse, you will see some other things I love (shoes, flowers or…) and this site may really expand to other areas of my passion.   Let’s just see where this goes. I hope you find it interesting enough, with some value, for you to follow along.

Thank you for stopping by, following me on this journey, and hopefully staying connected.

Jennifer (aka The Chow Chick)